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It's simple to get started with Battlestar, just download the wallet.

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Founded in March 2016 Battlestar was created by a dev team and community committed to an experimental collaboration with private enterprise. Based on Blackcoin's Proof of Stake v3 wallet for maximum stability, security, speed and a fair reward system, the first coins were distributed through the process of participant holders of our sister project, Bitstarcoin, ‘burning’ a quantity of their coins in return for a proportional share, as a means to establish a vested interest without resorting to a public sale or 'ICO'.

Battlestar coin is now moving into its next phase of development in its collaboration with mobile app firm MODN METL, with their app of the same name already having commenced adding titles to their line-up. The first game to be integrated on to the MODN METL mobile companion app is the 2017 Arena shooter 'Crash Force' from indie developer Ascanio Entertainment.





Our public and commercial partners are growing and more will be joining us following the MODN METL alpha test completion.


To get started with Battlestar Coin you simply download one of the clients below, or you can compile the wallet yourself from the source code if you wish to do so. Once your wallet is installed you will need to download the block chain and, when completed, you can send and receive coins right away.

There are many ways to get hold of Battlestar Coins including buying them through a centralised exchange, we are currently listed on Yobit and we are also currently working on adding support for the decentralised exchange Barterdex and our partner, Bitstar Coin, will be launching a Person to Person exchange later in the year.


These are the places you can buy or sell your Battlestar coins.

Live to game? Now you can game to live!


Current Battlestar coin game partners. Contact us to discuss how to have your title added.

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